Hi, I’m James Platt

I have been treading the boards at opera houses throughout the world for over a decade. I am an experienced vocal pedagogue, lecturing all over the world, engaging in voice research and I have extensive experience teaching singers, teachers and mentoring professional voice practitioners. Book a session today to start the journey and discover the craft of singing.

Vocal coach and student working together


I works with singers of all levels of ability from amateurs to established international opera stars. Finding the right mentor and guidance is vital to achieve vocal success, and my lessons will help you discover your place in the music industry. Learn how to play your instrument, experiment with sounds you’ve never made before, and discover your true vocal potential. All it takes is commitment and practise, practise, practise.

I will design you a bespoke practise regimen for you, with warm ups and cool downs, and technical exercises to break down the demands of technique and repertoire into manageable chunks. I will also help you to build a technique that you can rely on, build your confidence and allow you to become the artist you’ve always wanted to be.

All lessons will take place online via Zoom. This allows each client to explore their vocal potential in a safe space.

All lessons are carefully structured, with simple incremental exercises to build your instrument and your technique at the same time. We will explore new techniques, using primal sounds like sobs, whines, yells, groans etc. to elicit complex physical responses with simple emotional triggers; prioritising ‘natural’ voicing that’s efficient and healthy. There are no wrong sounds in my studio, only playful experiments on the way to vocal success.

Often singing teachers have little real understanding of how the voice actually functions. Teachers with little technical knowledge often require students to take years of lessons with no real evidence of vocal progress.

My knowledge will enable you to quickly progress towards your vocal goals, and once the basics of your technique are in good order, there is no need for weekly lessons unless the client prefers it.

Are you ready to start your vocal journey?

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  • Information packed practical training.
  • Practical exercises to help you obtain the best results
  • A specifically designed warm up and cool down routine
  • Repertoire suggestions and role coaching
  • Help and career advice

James' Training & Awards:

Early Education
BMus (Hons)
Adv. Perf. Dip, Fellow, & Current PhD Candidate
Jerwood Young Artist
Jette Parker Young Artist
Silver Medal Holder
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