Virtual Singing Lesson (90 mins)

Virtual Singing Lesson (90 mins)

£120.00 90 minutes

By: Vocal Craft

This virtual singing lesson will take place via Zoom. You will receive 90 mins private teaching. This longer length lesson is perfect for singers who want to to focus on their technique and work on roles for a longer period of time.

Lessons may include:

  • Vocal warm-up
  • Technical exercises
  • Repertoire suggestions and coaching
  • Vocal cool-down
  • Advice for further development
  • Career advice

This virtual singing lesson (90 mins) enables you to take advantage of Vocal Craft’s expert singing lessons wherever you are in the world. In 90 mins of tuition, James Platt will guide you through the technical knowledge and practical skills you need to ensure you get the most out of your time with him and to improve your classical singing. This longer length lesson is perfect for singers who want to spend greater time on their repertoire after a full technical warm-up.

The craft of vocal performance requires the mind and body to be trained to Olympic standards. True artistry requires a precise balance of all of the different systems of the body; breath management, primal sound, postural alignment, phonation, laryngeal and acoustic registration, and articulation. Training these sub-systems of voice efficiently takes time, practice, and expert mentoring from an experienced vocal coach to maintain peak performance. My lessons are based on this holistic, physiological and incremental approach.

James’s Holistic Voice Model

Whilst vocal talent is important to become an elite voice professional, with training and practise, everyone can improve their technique and become a better singer. An excellent technique facilitates: better range, power, resonance, flexibility and confidence. The voice is essentially a collection of muscles working in harmony, triggered by primal emotional intention; and like any muscle, it needs to be exercised and trained correctly to become stronger, predictable, and more efficient.

A holistic, systematic approach to vocal technique is vital for any singer or teacher, who wishes to see dramatic improvement in their or their students singing. I use incremental practical exercises on postural alignment, core stability, breath management, laryngeal and acoustic registration, resonance and articulation to allow you to become the best singer/teacher you can be.



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